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Bring a friend or loved one along to enjoy a VCarbon Peel from October 12 to October 31 and you will both receive a $25 gift card, applicable for your next service.

Rejuvenate your skin from within with our VCarbon anti-aging facial peel. Brighten and nourish your skin – it’s time to repair, recover and renew!


VCarbon Peel Step-by-Step

Renew your skin in minutes with a VCarbon Peel. This treatment allows to make medium or deep peeling treatments.

The Ingredients & Benefits

Detox Component

  • Activated vegetable carbon: Known for its purifying and detox properties. Its ability to absorb and inactivate different poisons and toxins, reduces the free radical activity and regulates glandular sebaceous production.

Exfoliant Components

  • Ferulic acid: Delicate acid with strong anti-aging and brightening effects.
  • Mandelic acid: Moderate intensity acid with anti-inflammatory effects. Helps with the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  • Lactic acid: Natural acid with strong regenerating and brightening effects.

Antioxidant Components

  • Black ginger extract: a particular variety of Ginger with great antioxidant efficacy and a strong potency to excite cell metabolism.
  • Liquorice extract: a vegetable extract which has regulatory, protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

Neutralizing Solution

  • Neutralizing solution: With Gabellina, able to block the activity of acids, regulating the depth of action of peeling and at the same time able to hydrate and lift the skin.
  • Gabellina: Innovative biomimetic polypeptide with a lifting and long-lasting anti-aging effect.



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