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Stress & Burnout Prevention


If you’re worried about getting burned out, get your cortisol (stress response hormone) assessed and take action to improve your mental health.

A simple saliva test can create a cortisol response curve to determine if you are coping well or not with your stress level.


Create your cortisol curve to map your stress response over one day

Learn to modify your lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep, supplementation) toward better mental health

  • Cortisol (your stress response hormone) curve over one day 

Review Session

  • 30 minutes with a health expert 

Once your results are in and uploaded to your Patient Health Record, MyWellnessFile, you will be booked for a video conference review. 

Your health coach will recommend a diet, exercise, and sleep strategy to reduce stress and improve your cortisol response.  

What’s Included in Your Kit

  • 4 Saliva Collection Tubes 
  • Saliva Sample Bag 
  • Instructions Sheet 
  • Pre-Paid Return Shipping  

Watch this How To Video

Step-by-step video on how to collect your saliva sample.

This ‘How To’ video is brought to you by our parent company Health-in-a-Box.

Refund and Recollection Policy:
There are NO refunds on testing kits. If your sample is rejected because the collection was completed incorrectly, a replacement kit fee will apply.


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