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GH Support


Amino acid and vitamin C combination


GH Support

  • Supports protein synthesis
  • Promotes antioxidant defence, nutrient metabolism and connective tissue formation

GH Support contains the amino acids arginine and ornithine. Arginine is one of the most versatile amino acids, as it serves a precursor to at least eight important compounds, including protein. Clinical trials have shown that arginine-containing supplements play a role in supporting protein synthesis when combined with physical training or a high-intensity exercise program. Ornithine can be converted into arginine, promoting healthy arginine levels for protein production. GH Support also contains the antioxidant vitamin C, which is important for promoting nutrient metabolism. Vitamin C is also essential for the formation and maintenance of collagen, a key protein found in connective tissue. Optimal levels of vitamin C support wound healing and help counter the effects of oxidative stress.

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