Executive Team Retreats

Reboot team dynamics and supercharge engagement

The Bespoke Wellness Club is teaming up with Innovation Health Group to help you relaunch in-person collaboration with their GAIN approach at a 5-star facility.

Hold your next on-site leadership retreat close to home at a 5-star hotel in North America. Make your meeting an unprecedented experience with ‘next level’ attention and personalized mind-body wellness programming with a bespoke event.

Now, more than ever, your senior leadership team needs support. Our team of experts in health, human capital and workplace safety will energize your team and open up new possibilities for engagement and enthusiasm.

Relaunch both your team and enterprise potential.

A Customized Retreat

by Innovation Health Group in partnership with Bespoke Wellness Club

Our group of senior event and team engagement facilitators believe that a post-lockdown executive retreat requires in-person conversations about how to restart business. We will spark discussions with programs to accelerate the health of your entire organization, beginning with a post-COVID-19 change management strategy starting with your executive team.

The GAIN Approach

There is much to GAIN with our inspired and
comprehensive, integrated ‘whole wellness’ approach.

Galvanize your leadership team by acknowledging it’s a great time to optimize both their physical and mental well-being.

Accelerate your team’s culture of collaboration and engagement while managing retention for growth.

Inspire your team to lean into the year ahead and achieve renewed team enthusiasm and creativity.

Neutralize fear and anxiety with unbiased knowledge to elevate each leader’s health resiliency with personalized wellness plans.

A leadership retreat with ‘next level’ attention and personalized mind-body wellness.

Highlights of our Plug-ins

To your business relaunch initiative

1:1 assessment of physical, metabolic, mental health and nutrients testing

Wellness education sessions with experts in their fields

Medispa treatments and massage

N.E.A.T. movement sessions: stretch, body flow and meditation

Designed meals with delicious healthy options

Curated room wellness amenities focused on repair, recovery and renewal

Experience our WELLcome safety protocol, ensuring an anxiety-free event with rapid COVID-19 and antibodies status testing to confirm vaccination immunity

Meet our Team to Support your Event

Innovation Health Group’s team of experts in health, human capital and workplace safety

Elaine Chin
Chief Medical Officer

Bill Howatt
PhD in Psychology

Elizabeth Goldspink
Naturopathic Doctor

Piero Fusco
Chief Commercial Officer

Christine Stevens
Chief People Officer


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