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Bespoke Wellness Club has been created by the team from Executive Health Centre, a North American leader in personalized concierge medicine, leveraging the power of precision diagnostic testing. For over 10 years, this clinic has been working with discerning clients who want to take a more proactive, holistic approach to their health.

Founder, Dr. Elaine Chin has been contributing to the personalized medicine and anti-aging ecosystems for over 20 years. She believes its now time to apply the same principles of personalized medicine into the beauty and wellness industry.

One size does not fit all in medicine, nor does it for wellness and anti-aging.

Bespoke Science-Based Approach

Unlike other MedSpas, at Bespoke Wellness Club, we take a science-based, diagnostic approach to wellness and anti-aging. We unlock the secrets of your DNA and determine how your hormones and nutrients impact your skin health.

Everything we do, from customized skin care, anti-aging therapies, facial treatments to personalized wellness testing and coaching takes this bespoke approach. All health team members develop a personalized lifestyle and beauty routine for each client.

We ensure our services are world-class, proven to be scientifically effective and shown to be safe.

At Bespoke Wellness Club, it is a concierge health care experience, and that is because we know everyone is unique.

We are changing the model of personalized wellness and anti-aging by inspiring people to unlock their natural beauty from within. 




We envision a destination where our clients engage in year-round wellness by leveraging evidence-based scientific techniques to personalize their physical health, mental well-being and beauty treatments.


Our mission is to decode our clients’ genetic predispositions to provide us with insights on how to best recode their needs to restore themselves from the inside out. ​We offer a concierge healthcare experience of exceptional quality. ​


Begin with an understanding of your needs and concerns through medical testing.


Address your desires by personalizing your physical, mental and beauty strategies.


Our integrated health team will deliver best in class medical solutions to support your holistic well-being.


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